5 Reasons To Choose Wooden Toys

January 13, 2022

5 Reasons To Choose Wooden Toys


It's true that plastic toys are often cheaper than their wooden counterparts - but here are five reasons (in our humble opinion) that we think wood beats plastic every time.

1. They’re durable

Toddlers are not gentle (in fact, ‘destructive’ play is an important part of childhood development - but that’s a topic for another day!) and you want toys that can survive being thrown across the room! Wooden toys can handle rough play and only increase in charm the more worn down they get over time.

2. Wooden toys never run out of battery!

We feel we’re not alone in being fed up with the constant battery hunt for plastic toys that haven’t worked for months. Wooden toys have no such limitations!

3. They encourage open, imaginative play

Sure, plastic toys can be flashy, noisy and full of exciting features, but they leave little space for open-ended imagination. Wooden toys may appear simple by comparison, but they encourage children to open up their imagination and create their own individual style of play. One minute they’ll be shooting their wooden truck across the room to see how fast it can go, the next they’ll be seeing how much it can carry, the next they’ll be creating an elaborate story with it. The possibilities are endless!

4. They’re eco-friendly

This is a big one.

Our wooden toys are sustainably sourced, with no nasty chemicals used in their creation. Plastic toys tend to be more ‘throw away’ and end up in landfill where they won’t decompose for a very long time (think 100s of years!). Additionally, when plastic toys do eventually decompose, they release toxic, unnatural chemicals into the environment.

5. They can be passed along through generations.

The latest tech and gadgets are exciting, but are constantly being replaced by the latest trend.
Wooden toys are long-lasting classics that never go out of style & only gain charm the older the get - ideal for passing from sibling to sibling, to cousin and perhaps (ultimately) to your grandchildren and beyond!

Sammy Steam Train Wooden ToyBernie Bus wooden number-sorting red London double-decker busTrawler Ted Fishing Game wooden boat toy

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