Sustainable wooden toys

Our toys are made from fast growing sustainable wood sources. 90% of our toys are made using rubber wood, as this is a waste product from the latex industry which used to be destroyed once the latex dried up. Our paints are also water based. No nasty chemicals here.

We take pride in building toys that are made to last and can be passed down generations.

Our belief

For a product to be truly sustainable it should pass our simple checklist-

- No MDF (it's just dust and glue)

- Long lasting

- Durable

- Appealing

- Fun

- Safe

- Stand the test of time **

** we are frequently told by our customers that our toys will become family heirlooms to them. This makes us feel like our job is done!

 Did you know wrapping paper is generally single-use and not recyclable? This is due to dyes, lamination, glitter, plastics etc. As our toys are bought as gifts, we have designed our packaging to make wrapping paper unnecessary when gifting one of our wooden toys.  Once the outer sleeve with the product details is removed, you've got an attractive brown box & no hints to give away what's inside! We have even provided a printed gift tag!
This is all part of our continued efforts as a company to be as eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible.



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