Toy Safety

At Indigo Jamm the safety of our toys is our utmost priority. Our toys are tested by independent laboratories to meet UK, European (EN71) and American (ASTM) standards. We also carry out our own in-house testing of our toys to ensure the standards are maintained throughout their production.
We are happy to supply copies of our test certificates to interested parties.
We test our toys with external testing houses every other year in line with European recommendations. However we perform identical in
house testing before any production leaves our factory.
There are a number of elements to these tests, some very technical, so we are going to select a few to talk about below.



Generally speaking, paint is tested down to its chemical
composition (in other words, the ingredients required to make that paint).
All of our paints are now water-based non-solvent. All paints have to be
tested whether water-based or not in order to receive a pass from an external testing house.
Without this test certificate the toy would not be fit for sale.


Caring for Wooden Toys

Our toys can be gently cleaned with a natural nonabrasive soap and a water-dampened cloth. Once cleaned, moisture should be removed with a dry cloth and the toy should be allowed to air dry naturally before re-use. Soaking in water is not recommended as this may cause the wood to swell and distort.
Avoid leaving toys outside as the sun will cause paint to fade and rain can cause the wood to swell and distort.
It is natural for paint to fade through time and wooden toys tend to take on a pleasing used look as they are played with over many months and years.
It is important that toys are regularly checked throughout their natural life to ensure they remain safe for play.

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