Valentine's Paper Heart Activities

February 11, 2022

Valentine's Paper Heart Activities

We've got some simple paper heart-based activities you can do with your child this Valentine's Day šŸ’•

The Heart-breaker

Make some heart shapes out of coloured paper and draw dotted lines from top to bottom in various shapes. Then challenge your child to cut as neatly as they can along those lines with some (child-friendly) scissors.

Great for fine-motor development!

Number-matching Hearts

Make some heart shapes out of coloured paper (or you could recycle your hearts from the Heart-breaker activity above). Write a number on the left side and the equivalent number of dots on the right side, then cut them all in half and mix them up! Challenge your child to match the dots back up with their corresponding numbers. This also works well with matching capital lettersĀ to their lowercase counterparts, ie. A with a.Ā 

Heart Flowers

Time to get creative! You will need:

  • Coloured Paper
  • Scissors
  • Craft sticks (or something similar)
  • Glue or tape

Take a square piece of paper and fold it 4 times (as shown below)

Cut an arch shape out of the top edge of your paper (as shown below). When you unfold the paper, you should end up with a lovely heart-edged flower shape!

Now get creative! Decorate your flower however you like - use paint, pens, glitter, collage. Maybe evenĀ take some smaller squares of paper in different colours to make more flowers and layer them over each other.Ā 

Then, glue or tape your flower to a craft stick and make some mini hearts for leaves (see the heart-breaker activity above for an easy way to cut out hearts).

EtĀ voilĆ ! Make a whole bunch of different flowers andĀ arrange themĀ in a vase to put on display over Valentine's Day!


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